Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fan Photo: Battle Sail in Kalama, Wash.

Laura Burke of Camas, Wash. sent us this photo of her Battle Sail at Kalama last weekend, plus she sent her story to our executive director, Les Bolton:

Dear Captain Bolton,

My three daughters and I were on the Saturday Battle Tour (May 2nd) aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain. We had a great time despite the rainy weather. Fortunately, the rain stopped right at the time of the battle, which was PERFECT! The crew was wonderful - personable, professional, and making sure the passengers were comfortable and having a good time. The ship's steward let two of my girls assist with manning the starboard ropes/rigging. She was fantastic, explaining in detail what they were doing and how they helped to "steer the boat". Needless to say, my girls had a blast! As you may recall, we had the "perfect storm" hit on Saturday where a record amount of rain fell in a very short time. Again, the crew was very quick to ensure all passengers were taken below deck for the most comfort in this very unusual weather situation.

My girls and I love to travel and we schedule all sorts of trips and events - and this was one of the best experiences we've had! I cannot express enough how impressed I was with the vessel, the trip and especially the captain and wonderful crew.

Thank you so much for the wonderful adventure for my family.

Best Regards,
Laura Kagawa-Burke
Camas, WA

If you have photos and/or a story to share, send them to and we'll post them on our blog.

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