Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lady Washington: 15 Years a Movie Star

Lady Washington fans who also happen to be Star Trek fans will note that today is the 15th anniversary of the ship's debut as a movie star. On November 18, 1994, Paramount Pictures released Star Trek: Generations. Lady Washington played the role of the 18th century USS Enterprise in the scene on the holodeck in which Worf is promoted to lieutenant commander. The photo above, courtesy of, shows the cast on the quarterdeck of Lady Washington. Of course, Lady Washington went on to other roles, notably as the Black Pearl in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

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Frecklehead said...

I think you'll find that the 'Lady' was the HMS Interceptor, and the 'Pearl' was a barge or something. Just giving the 'Lady' her credit. :D

jfollansbee said...

Ack! What was I thinking? Frecklehead, you are correct, of course!

LRH said...

And we were the HMS Enterprise. >,>