Friday, April 15, 2011

Lost video of LW resurfaces in Coos Bay

A lost video (or, at least, a misplaced video) of Lady Washington has resurfaced, thanks to our friends at a Coos Bay community television station. Edwin Armstrong of Stack Armstrong Productions contacted us, saying he had a copy of a 1992 documentary about the history, construction, and first voyages of Lady Washington. Ed transferred the VHS video to DVD and sent it to us, and now it's available to the whole planet via YouTube. Whom do you recognize after 20 years?

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Captainted said...

Ahoy Lady Washington..

The video was not lost. I still have my copy. Note the credits...I produced it along with Andrea.
My five years as crew member (886 days underway) were some of the best of my life.
Recognize people? Sure there's Mister master(captain Jake), Shanteymen David Lovine and Andrea Alridge, Mad Dog, Gerry from Tiperarie, Captain Ted (big beard). I remember them!
"Sailing" months of boredom interrupted by moments of terror (remember the bridge?).
Captain Ted Keyes
Tall Ship Miraka